We believe people need to discover the world by helping each other and inspiring others to do the same.

The Discover the World foundation started because of the desire to help people where they need it the most and to stimulate and activate others to do the same. It is about a discover the world in more ways; to open the eyes of people in the developed world for situations (elsewhere) in the world and at the same time to create opportunities for people in developing countries for a better future. If we all open our eyes for other cultures the world will be more peaceful and if we all support the less fortunate and most vulnerable people, animals and environments on the planet we can make this world a better place with more happiness. People do not necessarily have to focus on the developing world, it can even be projects around the corner, as long as the common aim is to help where the need is. For Discover the World the aim is to organize projects for, as well as in, the developing world in cooperation with the local communities.


The way we let people discover the world is by creating sustainable projects in cooperation with local communities in developing countries. 

We work together with reliable local partners to create sustainable projects in the most efficient and professional way as the local communities know which help is needed the most. At the same time we create awareness for situations elsewhere in the world by organising (fundraising) activities. Our projects benefit the local economy and local environment. This sustainable way of thinking makes the world a better place, as the best way to happiness is making others happy.