About us

The Discover the World foundation is founded in 2005 by Frank Arents with the aim to create awareness for situations elsewhere in the world. By being curious to the unknown and the desire to discover other destinations Frank travelled to all the continents through the years and the advantage and added value of travelling became more than clear to him. As long as you are travelling open minded with your eyes open for other cultures and the desire to learn about and listen to the local communities.  

Where the desire was first to see the Opera House in Sydney or the Statue of Liberty in New York for example this changed very soon to a desire of meeting other people, learn about other cultures, stimulate others to travel as well and motvating them to help where the need is the most. This was the reason to start the Discover the World foundation and these days the Board of Directors consists of Chairman Frank Arents, Secretary Maurits Sijtstra and Treausrer Herman Hendriks.