Discover the World foundation

Fiscal code:
8147 16 271

Board of Directors: 
Chairman Frank Arents
Treasurer Herman Hendriks
Secretary Maurits Sijtstra
(all voluntarily, no remuneration policy)

Create awareness for situations elsewhere in the world by stimulating everbody opens their eyes for te rest of the world and help where the need is. At the moment Discover the World is active in Malawi, Rwanda, Zambia and Kenya. The biggest project is in Malawi where we have a scholarships program to support children from the primary schools financially to secondary school so they can finish secondary school level as well..

Contact details:
Frank Arents
Grote Beerstraat 402
9742 SN Groningen

The financial statements can be found at the Accounting and Budget part. Hereby also the 3 recommended points for a policy plan:

- Description of the tasks of Discover the World:
We support local communities in developing countries in the field of education, health, sports and environment for a positive change.
- Description of how the foundation gets there funding:
By organising activities in and around Groningen, the Netherlands. Send requests for sponsors, subsidies and grants from other organisations and using crowd funding platforms.
- Description of how the capital of the organisation is managed and paid out:
Every year the budget will give an overview of the necessary financial resources. This budget is partly worked out in consulation with our local partners.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force on 25 May 2018 and Discover the World protects the personal data by respecting the privacy rights in obtaining and managing this data.

The only information the Discover the World Foundation collects is the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address via the membership form on the website, or via the donation option on the website, or when recruiting participants for fundraising activities.

The personal data are not provided to other parties and are only used to contact the person self and to send the newsletter. The personal data will not be stored longer than necessary and everyone can indicate that they do not wish to receive the newsletter. Everyone can also request the removal of their own personal data and / or gain insight into their personal data and have them corrected where necessary.

For the publication of photographic material we ask for the consent of the people involved on the photos and if someone comes up with it later, the photos can also be removed on request.

In this way we adhere to the basic principles of the GDPR regarding the processing of the data by being transparent, only using the data for the requested purposes, not requesting more data than necessary, checking the data for accuracy and not to keep data longer than necessary.

For questions about the GDPR and the handling of Discover the World with your personal data, please contact us via