What we have done 

Discover the World started it's projects with a small personal project in Senga Bay, Malawi. During a journey through East and Southern Africa in 2009 Frank Arents played some sports with children in Senga Bay and he was wondering where they went to school. So he tried to make contact with the school and this resulted in a close partnership with Thomas Ngwira, the headmaster of the Senga Bay Primary School.

The first project was a small investment of Eur 1000,- to invest in fixing some buildings ready to collapse. During this project it became clear more support was needed. So the Discover the World foundation was born and spread out over more countries and contacts. The most important thing with the projects overal is we organise them in close contact with local partners as they know what is needed the most. Hereby a short list of what we have done so far: 

- We have improved the Senga Bay Primary school (with around 2000 children), located in Senga Bay Malawi, as well by funding as well by finding partners to invest in:
   - fixing the existing buidlings
   - building 2 new classroom blocks
   - 2 new toilet blocks with 4 VIP latrines each 

- We have sent volunteers to Tikondane (Zambia) and Red Rocks (Rwanda)

- We have supported the basket weaving women in Musanze, Rwanda

- We have planted 500 trees in Senga Bay (Malawi), together with the forest department

- We created awareness for the developing world by fundraising activities in the Netherlands

- We supported 4 students to secondary school and 1 student to university in Malawi