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Discover the World is active in Malawi with a scholarship project and projects for the Senga Bay Primary School. During the last few years we supported the school refurbishing and expanding with the result of better class rooms and less children per class so they get more attention from the teachers. This helped a lot to improve the education at school and the WFP decided to support the school from 2016 as well with food. More details about this project can be found in the Senga Bay Primary school report. 

Now we have refurbished the Senga Bay Primary School we started a second project in 2015 with scholarships to support some of the children from standard 8 to secondary schools. Since 2017 we also select children from other primary school and from 2018 we will select children from all over Malawi. Primary schools are for free in Malawi, but for secondary school they have to pay fees which they normally cannot afford to pay. Therefore a lot of children already finish education after primary school and because of the fact the future of these children and the country starts with good education Discover the World started this project. In 2015 we supported the first 4 children, in 2016 another 4 joined the project and in september 2017 we started the schoo year with 12 supported children..

If you would like to help Discover the World with the scholarship program to support at least 4 children from the primary schools in Malawi annually to secondary school please transfer the amount you like us to support with to:

Discover the World foundation
NL02INGB 0006 0976 95
obo Scholarships Malawi

We really appreciate your support so we can continue supporting the children in Malawi and create a sustainable scholarship fund!