Red Rocks, Musanze

In a country that for many will be synonymous for the 1994 genocide you won't expect a volunteer project very soon, or at most one for the few who dare. However, several years of rapid advances have led to a growing economy and security restored. Given that Rwanda is one of the few places in the world where you can see mountain gorillas tourism will grow in the coming years and undoubtedly rise again now you can safely travel through the beautiful countryside. As a volunteer you will drive in an hour or two on a good paved road from Kigali to Musanze. Along the way it will become clear why the country has the nickname "Land of a thousand hills" ...

Once in Musanze you stay in nearby Red Rocks in a twin room or in one of the tents and all meals are included. Furthermore Musanze is a quiet village, but nevertheless you will encounter regular tourist groups because the gorilla treks in the surrounding volcanoes of the Parc National des Volcans also starts in Musanze. Good to know as well is that Rwanda is originally French, but nowadays English is widely spoken.

Volunteering takes place both around Red Rocks with for example (assist) teaching on the Nyakinama 1 Primary School, where you wll teach from about 10:00 to 15:00. After that there is time to play sports with the children. Other options includes helping to build houses, medical programs and/or nature and culture preservation projects. Either way it will be an experience you will never forget!

Project location
The Amahoro office is located in Musanze. About 7 kilometers away is Red Rocks. From Kigali is about 2 hours drive through a stunning scenery.

At Red Rocks, in a twin room or tent. Shower and toilet at the corridor.  
Sleeping bag is only required if you are staying in one of the tents.

Breakfast, lunch and diner is included.

Teaching at primary schools and playing sports with children (Feb /Mar, May - July, and Oct / Nov).
Medical program (for example prevention / treatment of AIDS or help disabled persons). 
Cultural programs (including building houses, making baskets and producing banana beer).

220 Volt with same plugs as in Europe/the Netherlands.

There is an internet cafe at Musanze. RWF 300 (about Eur 4,-) per hour.

Even though there are many banks in Musanze, it is not possible to use an ATM and travelers checks are not used. A credit card is, therefore, necessary. The only bank that accepts MasterCard is Access. Other banks like KCB, Fina and Ecobank only accept Visa. So a Visa credit card is the best payment option.

In the neighbourhood
There is a supermarket in Musanze plus several small shops and a large market. There are restaurants offering meals between Eur 5 - Eur 10. Katima Bar, Giramata and Green Garden have cheap buffets for about Eur 3 -.
Furthermore Musanze is the starting place for the famous mountain gorillas trek in the Parc National des Volcans,. Sometimes the baby gorillas come even to you and touch you! The beautiful Twin Lakes Burera and Ruhondo are about a15 minute drive and at Lake Ruhondo you can canoe. The extremely pricey Virunga Lodge is about 45 minutes away and gives a magnificent view of both lakes and surroundings.

The mountain gorillas can also be seen in the Virunga National Park in Congo, where a volcano trekking is also possible. Goma is located about 1,5 hour drive to Musanze and can be reached via the border crossing at Gisenyi. Gisenyi is also a good place to go to the beach. In New Tim Bar on the beach you can eat and relax. Goma is right on the other side of the border and is clearly visible from the beach. Check the security situation well in advance, because especially the region around Goma in DR Congo is often very insecure and unstable because of rebels.

Uganda is about 20 minutes drive to the north from Musanze. Highlights of Uganda are to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park for wildlife, the Bwindi Impenetrable NP for the mountain gorillas and the Kibale Forest for Chimpanzees.

Min - max age
18 – no maximum age.

On request.

Would you like to volunteer in Rwanda, please complete the application form or send an email to