Tikondane, Katete

The Tikondane Community Centre is a "grass roots" development organization where volunteers can help the local community with education and health projects. The eastern province is undeveloped and the people are very poor, so the activities of Tikondane are highly desirable.

The purpose of Tikondane is to create a place where the local comnunity are offered the opportunity to education and work experience. In addition, the aim is also to improve the primary health care in the area and, moreover, to develop "community-based" tourism to encourage meetings between the local community and visitors from other parts of the world. In the local language Tikondane means 'let us meet'.

Tikondane has developed enormously. There are over 80 people working from the local population; There are lessons to adults and to more than 600 children, workshops given to adults about hygiene, health and sustainable agriculture. At the center is also an HIV / AIDS counselor on site, and there are several activities to generate revenue to keep the center running. Tikondane is even recommended by Lonely Planet!

Project location
Tikondane is located about 5 km outside of Katete in Zambia's Eastern Province on the border of Mozambique and Malawi and more than a seven hours drive from the capital Lusaka. The 'Tiko' center is located on the Great East Road, the only paved road in the surrounding area that runs from Lusaka to the border with Malawi.

Tiko Lodge consists of four separate houses (called Agogo, Tiana, Sekelani and Humboldt) scattered around the grounds. Here you will stay in a 2 bed room with private bathroom consisting of a toilet, sink and laundry room with bucket.

Three meals a day included

(Assisting) Teaching English or computer lessons.
Health programs
Sustainable agriculture projects

There is internet available at the computer class rooms

Only in Katete is a Barclays bank where you can use Visa card

Min - max age
18 – no maximum age.

On request

Would you like to volunteer in Zambia please complete the application form or send an email to info@discovertheworld.nl