We open people’s eyes (and give them the opportunity to Discover the World) for situations
                elsewhere in the world by organizing activities,  projects and to stimulate people to get
                involved. The slogan ‘Put yourself on the MAP’ should activate people to start to travel open   
                minded (don´t judge, but experience and discover while travelling ) and discover the world
                by themselves, while MAP is also a shortcut for how people can support Discover the World: 
                With the M of MONEY, to donate to our projects or become a Member
                With the A of AWARENESS, to get people familiar with Discover the World
                With the P of PROJECTS, by organizing own fundraising and promotional activities or projects 

                We work with local organizations and have close contact with local coordinators, so we can  
                support with what they need the most (demand driven) in a sustainable way.  We buy
                materials locally and work with local employees. By working together with local coordinators
                we combine the best of both worlds as they know what happens locally and what help is
                needed the most and we can try to get the support needed what they cannot achieve over   
                there. It´s important to realize that we all live in the same world, but the world is not the  
                same to all of us
so we can learn from each other and the only option to succeed is to work

The best way to happiness is making others happy (and get them out of the circle of
                poverty.) Supporting the less fortunate in the world will result in happiness for yourself as
                well as for the less fortunate ones. Travelling to and contribute to the developing world will
                be a life changing experience for all of us and really can make a difference. This is the way to
                create happiness by doing the right thing and create a positive change in people’s lives, as
                well in the life of others as well as in your own life.

                By supporting education in developing countries we are aiming for a positive future for the
                children. Scholarships for example fit in the ´Pay it forward ´strategy to invest in youth
                now for a better future later. While in the meantime this youth should start to discover the
                world again, but now with the focus on opportunities for a sustainable future instead of a
                future of no chances and poverty. Empower local communities is also part of this strategy, so
                they can make their own money and get them out of the next stage of the circle of poverty.

                Besides the economical side of sustainability there is of course also an ecological side.
                Discover the World makes people aware of the importance to keep an eye on the
                environment with everything you do and we act accordingly. Live sustainable simply means
                doing the right thing for the environment and the local economy.

                We work with experienced and reliable partners in close cooperation which maximizes the
                professionality and efficiency. We are open and honest to partners, clients and the public.  
                We inform transparently about our projects and finances, and focus on the challenges with a
                positive mind. Only positive people can create positive change, so our positive mindset and
                the enthusiasm, believe, and trust in our projects and each other are the most important key
                factors for our culture.